He Shall Confirm the Covenant

are the most important five words in all of present day eschatology.
How you interpret them makes the difference in how you understand the events of Revelation.This book will change forever the way you lookat the apocalypse of Patmos. It holds the most significant key in unlocking
the timing of the events of John’s visions.

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Pastor Dan's graphic chart of Revelation. A great companion to reading.
He Shall Confirm the Covenant.

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The Church:In the State Of Seperation

Is Separation of Church and State a Constitutional Argument or Satan's Propaganda Campaign against the Church?

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The People, The Preachers & The Politicians

America today is where Israel was before the greatest revival of her history – the
building of David’s Tabernacle. Just 400 years out of Egypt, Israel was facing: A Fundamental Transformation in Government, Redistribution of Its Wealth, A Cry for Globalism,
A War on Terror, The Moral Failure of a Politically Correct Clergy, Judicial Legislation, The Absence of God’s Presence in the Town square and No Ten Commandments…Sound familiar?
On May 14, 1607, our forefathers founded Jamestown Colony - 403 years ago! In
the midst of a spiritual and governmental crisis ONE WOMAN PRAYED and set into motion the events that brought an awakening to Israel. Will America experience revival? Discover America’s only hope for genuine change.

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Oblivious To The Obvious

In thirty years of teaching the book of Revelation I have never witnessed the geo-political events that are transpiring in the Middle East.
I believe we are seeing the 2600 year old words of the Prophet Ezekiel coming to pass before our very eyes. Yet the world and the church are sound asleep to the signs of our times.
What’s next for the church?
Will normalcy bias keep us in its mesmerizing grasp?

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_Normalcy_Bias">Download PDF</a>



kNOw Expectations

Whose expectations are controlling your life?
You can be free to live your life knowing that God's expectations of you have been fulfilled through Christ.

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Your Life Patterns

“Study through the Six Principles of the Doctrine of Christ (Hebrews 6:1-3). An excellent understanding of the process which the Holy Spirit takes the Believer
from Conception to Perfection (new birth to maturity). Discover the 5 P's - "God works by Patterns created by divine Principles that He
may achieve His Eternal Purpose in your life that you may obtain the Promise and Prosper."

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