that delivers His love to others. You are an important part of this mission of carrying the good news of Christ to a lost world. We would welcome you to our team.

I know that God has blessed you with gifts and abilities like no one else on earth. Your uniqueness is what will make Bridlewood special. Your gifts and talents are what will make Bridlewood grow and change our community. There are things that only you can do – things for God that I can’t do. I want to encourage you; I want to help you in any way to find your place in God’s kingdom. It is only as we find our place of service in His kingdom that we find life’s fulfillment.

If you have never experienced knowing Jesus as your Lord and Savior, I would love to share with you the good news that Jesus died for your sins and has removed all barriers between God and man. It is only through a relationship with Jesus that we can enter God’s kingdom and begin to experience the abundant life found daily in Christ.

So, welcome friend. I’m inviting you personally to come to Bridlewood. And when you come, just act like you’re at home, because you’re always at home at Bridlewood!.

Your friend in Christ,


Dan & JoAnn Cummins
ICall Us At 903-894-WORD (9673)


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As a church family Bridlewood is here to serve you in the love of Christ. Please feel free to call upon us at any time. That’s why we’re here. As pastor, my goal is to be instrumental in helping you reach your full potential in the Christian life.

The Christian life is a practical one. It is real and applicable to every facet of life. Through preaching, teaching and individual instruction I want to help you discover the truths of God’s Word and their relevance to your life. I invite you to personally come and visit us at Bridlewood.

Having a church family is important. It makes you part of something much larger than yourself. The most visible and effective part of God’s kingdom is the local church. It is through the local church, and you as an individual member, that the world sees the love of God in action.
The local church is His hands and feet